Dear Walter:

Thanks for the Viśvarūpa reference, which I had not yet noticed. Just a small correction — coming from the wrong numbering of Viśvarūpa’s edition by Ganapati Sastri — the verse number is actually 315. The typesetters omitted the number 309 and numbered verse 309 as 310. So in the entire edition of the first chapter, from 309 onward one has to subtract one from the numbers given in the edition!!

The commentary also reads: bhūmeś chidranyāsenā candrāt . . .



On May 17, 2015, at 1:42 AM, Walter Slaje <> wrote:

The wording bears a resemblance to, and seems to be a modification or extension of the well-known bhūmicchidranyāya, occuring also on a great number of copper-plates especially from Northern India. At their core, the formulas contain ācandrārkakṣiti-. They relate to grants and intend to secure their everlasting duration: ~~ „as long as the sun and the moon ... would last“.

The meaning of this Nyāya has been explained by Oskar von Hinüber (Der bhūmicchidranyāya, in: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 155, 2005, S. 484-495).

In the present case, Viśvarūpa’s commentary on Yājñavalkyasmṛti 1.316 may help, as he says: bhūmicchidranyāyenā candrāt sthitisaṃsthānaṃ kārayet (cp. von Hinüber, p. 491).

So there is external evidence to support at least sthiti as proposed earlier.


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2015-05-17 8:16 GMT+02:00 Martin Gansten <>:
Yes, I considered that too but didn't want to emend too much; I'm glad to have my suspicions confirmed by Ashok. For completeness, then, let me add that while यावच्चन्द्रः प्रभाकरः is certainly possible both metrically and with regard to meaning, यावच्चन्द्रप्रभाकरौ strikes me as a very plausible alternative.

Martin Gansten

Ashok Aklujkar wrote:
Two highly probable emendations for the defective verse have already been suggested. Suggesting a third one, दिवो for दिव्यो, I would like to translate the verse as follows: “As long as Indra is the lord of heaven, as long as the Moon casts light (and) as long as the story of Rāma exists in the world, may you remain in existence (or stay in power)!  यावदिन्द्रो दिवो देवो यावच्चन्द्र: प्रभाकर: । यावद्रामकथा लोके भूयात् तावत् स्थितिस्तव ।।


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