Could it just be a limitation of the devanagari lead type his printer had..  I.e. he had the type of r over v but not the type  r over the long a 

Harry Spier

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Dear Colleagues

We always follow the convention that when the semi-vowel ra is the first letter in a conjunct consonant cluster, it is written above the line as far to the right in the syllable as possible. E.g. in sarvāḥ, it would be printed over the ā .

A sharp-eyed student has noted that Lanman does not appear to follow this convention when the following vowel is ā  -  Lanman consistently prints the ra over the first following consonant in a consonant cluster - in the example above, over the va.

E.g. p. 1 l.17, p2 l. 8, p.2 l.12

Can any colleague provide a justification for Lanman's approach?

Thanks in advance


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