It's quite simple, though not at all intuitive. If you type an f immediately after letters that you want to conjunct to others, it will conjoin the letters (this will not work with a succeeding vowel, obviously, only with consonants).

There is a guide here with other helpful tips on using the Devanagari QWERTY keyboard on the Mac:

Hope this helps!


Sundari Johansen Hurwitt
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On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 10:38 AM, Patrick Olivelle <> wrote:
Dear All:

It is very convenient to type Devanāgarī on a MAC using the Devanagari - QWERTY keyboard. There are some conjunct consonant, however, that are difficult to obtain. One especially frustrating one is the half-y when there are more than one consonant before it, especially in Pages and even in TextEdit. Is there a way to put a half "y" after such consonant clusters manually rather than depend on the QWERTY? Thanks.


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