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You may also have a look at my article

Hartzell,  J.F.  (2012) Buddhist  Sanskrit  Tantras: the samādhi of  the  ploughed  row,”  Pacific World: Journal of  the Institute  of  Buddhist  Studies, third  series,  no.  14,  pp.  63-178.

it provides some information on the dates of translations of Buddhist Sanskrit Tantras into Tibetan.

It is available via free download from the journal website


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I don't have a copy at hand to double check, but if memory serves me, vol. 2 of
L'Inde Classique has useful overviews of Tibetan and Chinese translations of Indian works.

My article, "The Indian Identity in Tibetan Literature," in S. Pollock, Literary Cultures in History,
surveys some aspects of the "indianization" of Tibetan literature.

Peter Verhagen's two vols. (Brill) on Tibetan studies of Sanskrit grammer provide a
very thorough guide to that area.

The useful site of the University of Vienna
provides a variety of resources for exploring the Tibetan canonical collections,
with emphasis on the Kanjur rather than the Tanjur (where most of the material on
the vidyaashtaana-s is found). It does reference the various catalogues of both


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