It is not clear how much the tradition was bothered by metrical inconsistencies.  There is an interesting passage in the Aitareya Brāhmana that says: na vā ekenākṣareṇa chandāṃsi viyanti na dvābhyām.  Even by a deviation of up to  two syllables, the tradition did not consider the meter to be violated.  The text titled Vedavicāra (19th century) that I am editing and translating cites this passages and extends it further: ekena dvābhyām ity upalakṣaṇam, tasmād akṣaranyūnādhikabhāvena chandāṃsi nānyathā bhavanti.  Thus, it seems to be that "metrically restored RV" is a purely modern creation.  If the Brāhmaṇa texts were not bothered by deviations of meters up to two syllables, can we be so certain that the authors of the Vedic hymns were so bothered.  There is a possibility that "metrically restoring texts" could be something like a modern hyper-correction.  Modern reciters of the Vedas that I am familiar with do not seem to worry about reciting a metrically correct text.  While they seem to show interest in reciting the various Pāṭhas and their permutations, I am not at all certain that they are scanning the recited text for metrical deviations.

Madhav Deshpande

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It is the metrically restored text which the Ṛk-Prātiśākhya enjoins for recitation. I have heard the disyllabic recitation from at least two Vedic reciters and was myself advised to do so with the few verses that I had to learn to utter as a child. But I have not examined each and every case of recitation.  I hope Professor Deshpande has the same experience



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Dear list members,

Do any members know if when the Rg Veda is recited by Vaidikas if that recitation agrees with the metrically restored Rg Veda or if they recite it like the written text with the metrical anomalies.

Harry Spier

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