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in a commentary to a Sanskrit play (dated from the 9th to the 11th c.), there is the following quotation from/reference to a sūtra-work by one Bhoja  :

vānarajātibhir ity atra vā śabdasya+eva+ity arthaḥ | vā śabdaḥ samuccaya-vikalpa-nirṇayeṣv iti bhojasūtreṇoktam | atra nirṇaye | antarhitābhir eva+ity arthaḥ | 

(the glossed word is in italics : the meaning is either in the śabda itself or - according to the  referred sūtra -, and as it would be the case here, in the nirṇaya).

This could be a reference to one work among the several ones attributed to the 11th c. king of Dhara.
However, Bhoja's only work in sūtra-form is the grammatical Sarasvatī-kanṭhābharaṇa (*), in 8 adh., of which I am aware of the following two editions only :

• 4 vols ed. in the Trivandrum Sanskrit Series, no. 117 (1935), 127 (1937), 140 (1938) and 154 (1948), of which the vol. 4 only is e-available through the DLI :

• ed. T. R. Chintamani, prefaced by Kunhan Raja, Madras University Sanskrit Series no. 11, 1937, which should be available through the DLI (but it does not function in this case) :

Would the commentary refer to that work (which I am presently unable to check fully)?

 Or would it be possible that there exists a (mīmā or niyāya, possibly lost) sūtra-work dealing with śabda-topic and authored by another (older) Bhoja? 

Note that Aruṇagirinātha in his com. to Kumārasambhava 4,63 (cf. also Nārāyaṇa Paṇḍita ad loc.) refers to a grammatical sūtra by Bhoja in the followin manner :

tadādau ceti bhojasūtram 

(TSS 32, p. 251-2: )

Thank you for any comment or help in that matter.

which is different from Bhoja's encyclopaedic work on poetics/rhetorics samely entitled Sarasvatī-kanṭhābharaṇa, in 5 paricchedas, available through the following editions:

•  ed. Jīvānanda Vidyāsāgara, Calcutta, 1894: or

• NSP, 2nd ed. 1934, KM series no. 94 (input of the first 4 par. on SARIT) :
or or   or  

• Narayan Yantralay, Calcutta, 1937 :

[cover in Bengali script but the few visible pages appear in nagari]

• ed. Kameshwarnath N. Mishra with Hindi transl., Varanasi : Chaukhambha Orientalia, 1976

• ed. Biswanath Bhattacharya, Banaras Hindu University Sanskrit series v. 14, 1979

• ed. with English transl. Sundari Siddhartha abd Hema Ramanathan, New Delhi: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (and Motilal Banarsidass), 3 vols, Kalāmūlaśāstra-granthamālā no 55-57, 2009.


Note that I do not know which (of the two) Sarasvatī-kanṭhābharaṇa was edited by Anundoram Borooah in 1883, reprinted Gauhati, Publ. Board Assam, 1969 and, more recently, within the Works of Anundoram Borooah : with a note on Anundoram Barooah and his works by Malinee Goswami, Guwahati : Publication Board Assam, 2007, pp. 667-1050, and which could therefore constitute the editio princeps of one or the other work.

Best wishes,

Christophe Vielle