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I wish I knew.  Please keep me copied if anyone knows.  The term is clearly linked to the professionalization of the discipline in the early 19th century (barring an early-bird neologism in the 18th).  This most likely takes us to Germany or France.  The OED notes the first occurrence of "Indology" very late, in 1888, and tellingly, in a Trübner catalog.  The first use I can recall offhand, and then of the related term "Indologen," occurs in a letter Christan Lassen sent A. W. v. Schlegel from Paris on 10 June 1825: "Von den Indologen ist mir nur Herr Burnouf zu Gesicht gekommen," in which he used the term in the flat tones of a well-worn word.  Might we engage in a collective game of "beat that date," and see how far back we might reach?

In a related question, I wonder how accepted Indology/Indologie and related terms are accepted in common parlance in different languages.  In spite of the OED's listing, my spellcheck consistently flags "Indology" and related terms as faulty.  I also recall the concern a British well-wisher expressed at the prospect of a (now published) book going by the title "The Making of Western Indology," since "Indology is not a word."  We explained that it was the name of our discipline, and I remember pointing out that it was also the name of our professional listserv.  Our friend was too polite to insist, but I am afraid that it convinced him right there and then that our book was not intended for the general public!

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does anybody know when the term "Indology/Indologie" denoting the academic discipline appeared first?
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