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I wrote a review of the catalogue , it is: “A Broken Date In Paris, A Review of the Catalogue Art of the Ganges Delta” Orientations, October 2008. Lead article
if it is not available I will scan it and send you a copy


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Does anyone here have any connection to the Guimet musée nationale des arts Asiatique in Paris? Specifically I am trying to get in touch with someone that may have been involved with the failed exhibit, "Art of the Ganges Delta," in 2008, showcasing artifacts from the National Museum of Bangladesh among other institutions. There was a catalogue published for it, despite never coming to fruition.

Any publications, journalistic or otherwise, about the circumstances of the failure would also be greatly appreciated.

I am currently working on an article about my manuscript project in Bangladesh which ran into some similar problems. So far I have primarily surfaced one-sided accounts of the demise of the exhibit, but nothing from the French side.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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