Dear All,  a few announcements:

(1) Vol.II of the ongoing translation of the Ṛgveda into German has been released in December. (I have finally received my copies. Here it is):

Rig-Veda. Das helige Wissen.   Dritter bis fünfter Liederkreis.

tr. and comm. by: 
Michael Witzel, Toshifumi Gotō, Salvatore Scarlata.

Berlin:  Verlag der Weltreligionen 2013

[pp.344 tr., pp. 345-708 comm., glossary, etc.]

BTW, we had sent in our transl. and commentary in the Summer of 2009 (!) but due to the move of the publisher to Berlin and other re-organizations it has taken until now … Vol. III and IV will now  follow in due course.


(2)  Also, please note that the last issue of  EJVS, Vol. 20, has been published late in 2013:

Vol. 20 (2013) Issue 4
Notes on the mantras from Katha-Samhita in A Vedic Concordance
by Makoto FUSHIMI

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