Dear Everybody,
I saw a figure of Ma Shashthi in a temple at Panchanantala, Howrah (on the other side of Kolkata Ganga) in my boyhood days. She was worshiped by the female family mothers of a mother giving birth to a babe on the eighth day of the child's birth. There was a ceremony of distributing eight kinds of fried snacks.
I think the temple is still there, and the figure has not been done away with. The vehicle animal figure was a cat, I remember.
Debabrata Chakrabarti 

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Yes, she seems to have been a popular subject in Kalighat painting. Officially it’s supposed to be a black cat, as in this splendid one in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but often it isn’t:

I am told that there is a temple of ‘Ma Shoshthi’ (with cat vāhana) in Kolkata, but I cannot find any pictures or information online. I am probably hampered by my lack of Bengali, as I wouldn’t be able to pick up if e.g. someone blogged about visiting it.

Valerie J Roebuck

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You have probably seen these, but just in case:

Mary Storm

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Speaking of vāhanas, can anyone point me to a painting - or even a sculpture - of Ṣaṣṭhī Devī with her cat? I have found some nice Kalighat paintings, but nothing earlier. 

Valerie J Roebuck

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Many thanks to everyone for the information! As I confessed at the outset, I don’t know much about these things; and, many traditional scholars (of Sanskrit & Tamil & religion) in South India are not in touch with ‘modernism!' So much for our generation gap!

One way to preempt controversy and confusion would be to refer to the source of the art work with acknowledgement. 


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I do not know much about these things, but received a comment from a friend in India that "the Chinnamasta Devi does not have a lion for her vehicle.”

May I know the source of the picture on the cover, so I can write to him and clear his doubt? (He is not a member of this group.)


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Congratulations! Cover picture wonderful. 
Hope your book will not offend anybody's religious or other feelings.
Stella Sandahl
Stella Sandahl

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Dear Indologists

As Etta James, sang “At Last…”

I am happy to announce the publication of my book Head and Heart: Self-Sacrifice in the Art of India, published by Routledge in August 2013.

My thanks to all of you who offered help and support over the years.

Mary Storm

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