It is deeply sad that most researchers look for evidences only in Sanskrit! That’s alright but not absolute. 

An enumeration of a woman’s ornaments … yes, there is an enumeration in an earlier Tamil text called the Cilappatikaaram. If anyone would be interested, let me know and I’ll help them read through the text. 


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Dear Indology List,

Joanna Kirkpatrick saw my request for aid on another listserve and was kind enough to direct me here.

My efforts have been to trace a historical precedent for the phrase "solah shringar" that I see used in contemporary popular representations of Hindu women's adornment: magazines; wedding guidebooks; Internet. My greater effort is to show how Hindu wedding adornment in the U.S. uses wedding adornment as cultural capital and borrows from older adornment vernaculars. I'm looking for resources in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit as those are the languages I work in. In Hindi, I've seen solah śṛṇgār and various transliterations in English. I haven't come across a similar concept in Sanskrit, which would be phrased as some form of ṣoḍaśa śṛṇgāra. 

Are there enumerations of women's adornments, sixteen or otherwise, found in Sanskrit text? Your insight is much appreciated.

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