Dear List members,

Richard Payne, the publisher of this memorial volume, and I, its editor, have agreed to extend the deadline for submissions to September 2014.  We both find ourselves overbooked at the present time, or, to use Richard's metaphor, we both have too many irons in the fire. 

We hope that this will give to those who may have wanted to contribute to this memorial to Frits, but who were unable to meet the earlier deadline, more time to contribute to it.  We have already received many great contributions, but Richard and I both found ourselves unable to finish our own contributions to it.  And there were many other scholars who, like ourselves, were unable to meet the earlier deadline. 

I hope that by extending the deadline for submissions for one more year we will be able to include more contributions from Frits' many friends, colleagues, and students. 

By the way, thanks to Frank Conlon, we have just learned of the death of another great Indologist, Stanley Tambiah. 

Let us honor him too with a memorial volume!

Best wishes,

George Thompson