Dear colleagues,

I wish to read

Haudry, J. "Notes sur les racines indo-européennes *me-, *met-, *med- "mesurer"" Études indo-européennes, 11 (1992): 43-55.

but I can't locate a copy online or in any library near me.  I can order it through the univ. library.  But before I do that, I just wanted to ask whether anyone has the EIE journal at their elbow, or better, has this article as a PDF already?

With thanks,
Dominik Wujastyk

Dr Dominik Wujastyk
Department of South Asia, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies,
University of Vienna,
Spitalgasse 2-4, Courtyard 2, Entrance 2.1
1090 Vienna, Austria
Adjunct Professor,
Division of Health and Humanities,
St. John's Research Institute, Bangalore, India.
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