Dear Dr. Mrinal Kaul (and to all list members)


I tried a lot to find out personal information about Jagadish Chandra Chatterjee, but has not succeeded till now. But I got, with the help of an acquaintance the following books in pdf.


I shall write to you at the moment I get information about him.



[Ref. Jagadish Chandra Chatterjee:           Ref. Mrinal Kaul’s letter:

I am interested in knowing and exploring more about Jagadish Chandra Chatterjee who was the first director of the Jammu and Kashmir Research and Publication Department. He was the first editor of the famous 'Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies' and edited seven volumes in this series from 1911 to 1916 including his famous book 'Kashmir Śhaivism'. I have been trying to find more information about him, but have had no success so far. >From the volumes he edited it is clear that he was a learned paṇḍit and studied in Cambridge. He would surely have studied with the traditional Sanskrit scholars of Bengal before studying in England. Can someone guide me towards finding some sources about or by him? I am more interested in the questions of Orientalism and post-colonial studies. I would sincerely appreciate any help and thank you in advance.]

These are the digitized books that were available.


Debabrata Chakrabarti


Shiva Sutra Vartika:

Kashmir Shaivaism:

The Wisdom of the Vedas:



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