Dear friends and EDMAC, LEDMAC and eLEDMAC users,

As one of the original authors of EDMAC (with John Lavagnino), I used to keep track of editions that had been typeset with the software.  Nowadays, from time to time I become aware of new EDMAC-related work going on, or a new book published, but I long ago lost track of the big picture.

I've just created a new Zotero group, where you may make a bibliographical entry for a book you have typeset with EDMAC, LEDMAC, eLEDMAC or derivatives.  This may give your work a little added exposure, since it will be Googled.  It will be very nice for the community at large to see an ever-growing list of critical editions done with TeX.  Finally, it may serve as a resource for helping each other: if you are doing an eLEDMAC edition of a Sanskrit text, for example, you could look up other similar editions and either look at them for inspiration, or contact their authors for advice.

The Zotero group is open to all, and you can add your own entries without formality.  The URL is:
Best wishes,
Dominik Wujastyk
Univ. of Vienna.