Dear Malhar,

     Thanks for communicating this sad news.  I saw Professor S.D. Joshi briefly during my visit to Pune in June.  He was very week and could barely sit in the chair and talk.  He said to me: "I never thought you would see me in this condition."  It was indeed difficult for me to see him in that condition, and now to hear the news of his passing away.   He was a close friend and a college classmate of my father, and I saw him since my early childhood as a favorite uncle "Kaka".  During the two years he was my teacher at the University of Pune, he had his class of three students come to his home every day for an in depth session.  The class was made up of me, Jayashree Gune and Pandit Athalekar.  His home became our second home.  There was unlimited generosity in his heart.  धिगस्तु तां निष्करुणामनित्यताम् - is what I recall from the Aśokāvadāna.  He had a brilliant life and we must celebrate his contributions.

Madhav Deshpande

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Dear All,

My teacher, Prof.S.D.Joshi passed away this morning in Pune. Salutations
to the Master!

Malhar Kulkarni.

> Colleagues, The proceedings of the vyākaraṇa section of the XVth World
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