Thank you very much dear Svevo for this useful information.
The reason of my question was a bio-bibiographical notice I am currently writing on Paul-Emile Dumont (Brussels 1879 - Baltimore 1968).
His PhD was from the University of Bologna. See (University of Bologna digital archives):


Paolo Dumont di Saint Gilles (Belgio), Facoltà di Lettere, 24/06/1903, tesi: Tesi mancante: Degli scambi di parole avvenuti fra l'india e il mondo ellenico in seguito ai loro rapporti politici e commerciali, e delle leggi fonetiche che se ne possano trarre

If somebody knows an obituary notice on P.E. Dumont, I would be interested by the reference or a copy. Presently, beside his Indological writings and  a few family archives, I only have the reference to an obituary published in the Baltimore Sun (or The Sun, Baltimore) on the 10th of December 1968 (but no copy of it). Any living testimony would be also appreciated.
Best wishes,
Christophe Vielle

Le 16 juil. 2013 à 12:31, Svevo D'Onofrio a écrit :

Dear Christophe,

if I am not mistaken, from 1899 to 1925 it was Francesco Lorenzo Pullé who was in charge of "Indo-European Philology" at the University of Bologna. A former student of Angelo De Gubernatis in Florence, Pullé had also studied with Albrecht Weber and Heinrich Kiepert in Berlin. 
He counted among his own students in Bologna several noteworthy scholars such as Luigi Suali, Ambrogio Ballini and Ferdinando Belloni Filippi.


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Il giorno 16/lug/2013, alle ore 12:15, Christophe Vielle <christophe.vielle@UCLOUVAIN.BE> ha scritto:

Dear List,
I would like to know who was in charge of Sanskrit/Indology or IE comparative grammar in the University of Bologna in the years 1900-1903.
Thank you for your help,
Christophe Vielle

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