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Please see below current contents of  History and  Sociology of  South Asia

Volume 7, no. 2, July 2013


Antinomies of Pluralism: Modulating Conceptions of

Politics and Agency in India

Sasheej Hegde


Engaging the ‘Long 1980s’: On the Emergence of the

Mission Mode of State-fabrication in India

Sailen Routray 


Reordering of Postcolonial Sri Pāda Temple in Sri Lanka:

Buddhism, State and Nationalism

Premakumara De Silva


Intelligence Failure or Design?: Karkare, Kamte and the

Campaign for 26/11 Truth

Sukumar Muralidharan 


Book Reviews

Narayanan Lakshamanan,  Patrons of the Poor: Caste  Politics and Policymaking in India

Reviewed by Krishna Swamy Dara      


Anjan Ghosh, Tapati Guha-Thakurta and Janaki Nair, eds, Theorizing the Present: Essays for Partha Chatterjee

Reviewed by Partha Pratim Shil           


Prabhat Patnaik,  Re-envisioning Socialism

Reviewed by Satyaki Roy        


Sujata Patel ed., Doing Sociology in India: Genealogies, Locations, and Practices

Reviewed by Sheena  Jain        


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