Dear Dominik and all,
I am bombarded with different lists from D.K. Agencies in Delhi. Friends in Delhi tried to buy a book from them with the rupee price. They claimed they did not have it. Later a Canadian friend here in Toronto ordered it for me from their Delhi outlet at their very inflated dollar price.
I have long resented the inflated dollar prices which Indian book agencies seem to uniformly apply. What can be done about it? Except buying the books when in India.
Stella Sandahl

On 2013-05-07, at 9:49 AM, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

$95 is just about right for the cost of the books and postage. 

I'm afraid I refuse to do business with Biblia Impex or their sister business Aditya Prakashan, because of their politics.  One of the few times I've had a stand-up row with someone about their racism was with the proprietor in their Delhi shop.  But I know that they are an efficient company.



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