The chapter

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was recently brought to my attention by my colleague Philipp Maas.  Golzio surveys the early work on the problem of K's date, and also discusses the key findings arising from the discovery of the Rabatak inscription and its interpretation by Joe Cribb and others (incl. Sims-Williams and Salomon), and the reinterpretation of the colophon of the Yavanajataka by Harry Falk (Golzio refers also to the challenge to Falk's view articulated by Bracey).  On p.89, Golzio sketches the remaining problems that surround the dating of Vāsiṣka, that sits uncomfortably in contradiction to several sources.


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On 13 September 2012 10:53, Francois Voegeli <> wrote:
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Could anyone send me the exact or approximate dates of the rule of the Ku.sana king Vaasi.ska, with some bibliographical references on this date.
More generally: what is the more up-to-date work on the chronology of the Ku.sanas.

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