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Thank you for mentioning this. Irrespective of the intricate claims made by these authors, it may be worth noting there are here analogous arguments regarding pirate legitimacy which somehow survived from a history of 17th-18th European ideas about pirate/brigand practice, including in colonial oceans. However, more about electronic storage, copyright issues and the cost of newer knowledge in South Asian / Buddhist Studies research is to be found in a splendid contribution by Marcus Bingenheimer -  'Collaborative Editions and Translations Projects in the Era of Digital Texts', in Konrad Klaus (ed.), Translating Buddhist Chinese Texts: Problems and Prospects, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2010: 21-43 (without reviews up to now?). It is a relief for younger or not well connected or indeed all researchers to conveniently follow grand scholars like e.g. Johannes Bronkhorst or Guy Stroumsa or yourself - as they made readily available for free their recent contributions.
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