The second edition of Colebrooke's edition of the Amarakosa was published in Serampore in 1825.  The title page reads:

Kosha or Dictionary of the Sungskrita Language by Umura Singha with an English Interpretation and Annotations.

with the vowels in the Skt words italicized.  There's a digitized copy of this in the Digital Library of India.

I don't know the date of the first edition. 


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On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 06:54:31PM -0400, Herman Tull wrote:
> I am doing some work involving early Sanskrit Grammars (my interest is in
> those written in English).  I have been able to access quite a few, but the
> earliest ones--Colebrooke's, A Grammar of the Sanskrit Language (1805) and
> Carey's A Grammar of the Sungskrit Language (1804)--have thus far escaped
> me.  Does anyone know of electronic versions of these volumes residing in
> some accessible location?

Although not exactly what you are after you may find the following

Personal Name:  Amarasiṃha.

Main Title: Kosha, or dictionary of the Sanskrit language, by Umura
Singha. With an English interpretation and annotations. By
H.T. Colebrooke...

Published/Created:      Calcutta, Baneriee, 1891

Details and availability under `Full' link here (IeB Catalogus):

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