Dear members of the list,

I am having trouble trying to obtain copies of the following two doctoral theses:

Miśra, Adya Prasada (1966). Prakriyākaumudī-vimarśaḥ (=Sarasvatī Bhavana Studies 15). Varanasi: Vārāṇaseya Saṃskṛta Viśvavidyālaya. [A
Vārāṇaseya Saṃskṛta Viśvavidyālaya doctoral dissertation from 1964].

Saini, R. S. (1965). Post-Pāṇinian systems of Sanskrit grammar, with special reference to their technique and scope. Delhi. [Unpublished].

Would any of you know from where I might be able to obtain copies of these or, perhaps, have a reference to someone who might know?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Jesper Larnæs

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