Dear John,

The diagrams are absolutely wonderful and very very helpful for teaching indeed, particularly when juxtaposed with cosmological paintings or relief panels and information taken from cosmographic texts.

Thank you so much for making these available!
With best wishes,


Prof. Dr. Julia A. B. Hegewald
Professor of Oriental Art History
Head of Department
Universität Bonn
Institut für Orient- und Asienwissenschaften (IOA)
Abteilung für Asiatische und Islamische Kunstgeschichte
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Dear All list Friends & Colleagues

My apologies for cross listing!

I am pleased to announce that we have just uploaded a new sequence of drawings on Jaina Cosmology.

This important aspect of Indian religion and philosophy has not been on my "radar" until recently. In order to learn about it myself, I made a series of drawings based on Gujarati and Rajasthani paintings and manuscripts that I felt might be useful.

Please note the link is on the right side of the first page of the archive site (

To see the images large enough to actually read, the browser window in which the list of diagrams come up must be expanded to as large as your monitor will allow BEFORE YOU CLICK ON ONE OF THE DIAGRAM NAMES.

I will deeply appreciate any additions, corrections, or suggestions as to how to improve the diagrams.

I hope these will be of use in your teaching and research



John C. Huntington, Professor
(Buddhist Art and Methodologies)
The Ohio State University