Dear List Memebers,

I find Examine32 ( to be downloaded from: ) an
extremely useful tool for text searches. Works excellently with Sanskrit
texts in Harvard-Kyoto format. I am unable, however, to make it work with
UTF-8 encoded, transliterated Sanskrit texts downloaded from the GRETIL
website. I have several Unicode fonts on my machine. GRETIL transliterated
Sanskrit words or phrases can be easily copied and pasted into MS Word Find.
But I am unable to paste them into Examine32 to start multi-file searches.
What is pasted in is strings of letters without any diacritical marks, with
question marks inserted here and there. As a matter of course the program is
unable to find strings like prapya or  ch??u, or some such "words".

Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?


Artur Karp

University of Warsaw