An English translation is
Travels in the Mughal Empire AD 1656-1668
by Francosi Bernier
Translated on the basis of Irving Brock's version and annotated by Archibald Constable

Second edition revised by Vincent A. Smith

London:  OUP, 1934

Reprinted by Munshiram Manoharlal, Delhi, 1992

Alok Kumar wrote:

Francois Bernier from France and Thomas Fryer from England visited India in the seventeenth- or eighteenth century.  As Thomas
was a physician and Francois was a natural philosopher, their travel accounts contain information on sciences in India.  I want
to read their travel accounts.  However, I cannot find the complete references of their works.  I wonder if the subscriber to
this list could provide me the information.
Alok Kumar
Department of Physics
State University of New York
Oswego, NY 13126.