[INDOLOGY] Missing part in Āyāraṃgasutta in LS Jain Āgamagranthamālā

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Dear Herman,

My hardcopy of this 1978 MLBD edition actually contains the expected text
for the Āyāraṃgasutta on pp161-177 so you might have a defective copy.

Thankfully the entire volume has been well scanned by the Jain eLibrary.
You can find it here: https://jainelibrary.org/book-detail/?srno=001423

The pages you are looking for are pp222ff of the scanned volume.

Kind regards,

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> Dear List Members,
> In my copy of the edition of the *Āyāraṃgasutta* with Śīlāṅka's cty (Lālā
> Sundarlāl Jain Āgamagranthamālā Vol. I) on pp. 161-176 instead of the
> passage comprising sū 184-198 (the numbers of Jambūvijaya's Jaina Āgama
> Series edition), pp. 161-177 of the Sūyagaḍa edition are found comprising
> parts of the 14th and 15th chapters of that text.
> I wonder if this the case in all the copies available of the edition.
> Furthermore, I would like to know if the missing portion is available
> somewhere else.
> With kind regards, Herman
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