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DearIndology List Members,

Iam glad to share the joy of the publication of my edited book. Details are as mentionedbelow:

Titleof the book: Maritime Southeast Asia:History, Culture and Religion, c. First Century CE—Fifteenth Century CE

 Publisher and ISBN Number: Manohar Publishers andDistributors, New Delhi, India, 2023. ISBN Number: 9789394262881. Price: INR 1595.

Publisher’s  link:  https://www.manoharbooks.com/BookDetails/203306/Maritime-Southeast-Asia-History-Culture-and-Religion-c-First-Century-CE-Fifteenth-Century-CE


Amazonlink: https://www.amazon.in/Maritime-Southeast-Asia-Religion-CE-Fifteenth/dp/9394262881


Aboutthe book: 

Often serving as animportant node through which West Asian and South Asian maritime trade withChina were maintained, maritime Southeast Asia remained exposed to variousextra-local influences that accompan­ied maritime trade with and through thisarea. Yet, as the research articles in the book indicate, it was not just anappendage to the two great agrarian and maritime civilizations of Asia: Indiaand China. It imbibed extra-local influences and transformed them to suit localneeds. The book looks into the issue of complex interactions between local andextra-local influences in maritime Southeast Asia. It traces the pro-cessesthrough which extra-local influences were localized. 

About the editor:

Birendra Nath Prasad is an Assistant Professor atthe Centre for Histor­ical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi,where he teaches economic history and maritime history of ancient and earlymedieval India, social history of religion in ancient and early medieval India,and history of Southeast Asia to c.1500 CE. His recent publications include Archaeologyof Religion in South Asia: Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jaina Religious Centres inBihar and Bengal, c. AD 600-1200 (Manohar & Routledge, New Delhi,London and New York, 2021); Rethinking Bihar and Bengal: History, Cultureand Religion (Manohar & Routledge, New Delhi, London and New York,2021); and Religion in Society: Social Dimensions of Buddhism, Hinduism andJainism in India (Manohar, Delhi, 2023).



 1. ‘Introduction’: Birendra Nath Prasad 

2. “Local” vs.“Cosmopolitan” in the Study of Premodern Southeast Asia’: Andrea Acri 

3. ‘Śrīvijaya Revisited:Reflections on State Formation of a Southeast Asian Thalassocracy’: HermannKulke 

4. ‘Pulau Sawah Temple Complex:Traces of The Ancient Malayu Kingdom in the Hinterland of Sumatra’: Eka AsihPutrina, Agustijanto Indradjaja, Titi Surti Nastiti 

5. ‘Early Hindu-BuddhistInfluence in the North Coast of Central Java: Archaeological Research in theEstuary of Kuto River’ : Agustijanto Indradjaja 

6. ‘Inscriptions fromthe Bongal Site: Relative Chronology and Language Review’:  Ery Soedewo, Churmatin Nasoichah, Ninny Susanti Tejowasono.

 7. ‘Eastern Indian Maritime Linkages and theTransmission of the Vidyā-Dhāraṇīs across the MalayPeninsula’:  Abira Bhattacharya




Dr.Birendra Nath Prasad

AssistantProfessor of Ancient Indian and Southeast Asian History

Centrefor Historical Studies

JawaharlalNehru University, New Delhi




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