[INDOLOGY] Response to Patrick Olivelle's claim "Dharmashastras opposed temple-based religious and ritual activities."

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Hare Krishna. Namaskar to all of you.

Here is our partial response to Prof. Patrick Olivelle's news paper writeup
"When did large Hindu temples come into being? Not before 500 AD" that
appeared in "The Print" on 17 january.

Our response is not about when large hindu temples were constructed. It is
well documented. But it is concerned with the sub heading to the writeup
that read "*Dharmashastras opposed temple-based religious and ritual
Patrick Olivelle wrote that "Dharmashastras opposed temple-based religious
and ritual activities." "They [Dharmashastras] viewed Temples with
suspicion and disdain" so on and so forth.
It is a perfect example of deliberate misinterpretation and
misrepresentation of Indian culture and textual tradition.

Prof. Olivelle is well read professor. He knows the facts (See his
paper *Temple
in Sanskrit Legal Literature*,” in the book *Archaeology and Text: Temple
in South Asia. *ed. H. P. Ray [Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2010], pp.
191–204.) He wrote about dharmashastras for his whole life. But wants to
mislead the English educated Desi people.

This is a serious matter of concern.

I will write a detailed article on this issue.

Our response here, though I don't appreciate the title of the article given
by the editorial of 'The Print'.

Original writeup of Olivelle is here. alongwith his rejoinder for Vijender
Sharmas response.

*आचार्य वीरनारायण एन्. के पाण्डुरङ्गी*

*Professor Veeranarayana N K Pandurangi*
Professor of Vedanta and Indian Philosophies
Dean of Vedanta Faculty,
Karnataka Samskrit University, Pampa Mahakavi Road, Chamrajpet,
Bengaluru 560018
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