[INDOLOGY] to questions about early Andhra art

Arlo Griffiths arlogriffiths at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 26 10:02:52 UTC 2024

Dear colleagues,

Can anyone help find a pdf of this booklet?

Khan, Abdul Waheed. 1964. An Early Sculpture of Narasimha: Man-Lion Incarnation of Vishnu Found from the Coastal Andhra along with Pañcha Vīras. Archaeological Series 16. Hyderabad: Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Also, I'd like to know if anyone has ever seen the "Trimūrti plaque" from Kunidine (= Konidena?) shown as fig. 39 in the following work?

Sarma, I. Karthikeya. 1982. The Development of Early Śaiva Art and Architecture, with Special Reference to Āndhradēśa. Delhi: Sundeep.

I attach a scan of that figure. I'd live to have a better photo of this plaque and information about where it is today.

Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

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