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Dear Csaba,

I am sorry to have been so slow in responding to your query. Here is the 
information available within Mary's Narrative elements folder within our 
joint ORA material 
 > (apologies for the oddity of fornatting arising from a cut and paste 


/Karaṇī, Karaṇīsuta, //Kosakaliyaniy, Kramuda, Māgadhī, Samantra//, 
Samut, Samouththevi, Sowen,//Sramut, Sumata, Sumathra, Sumida, Sumitta, 
//Suprabhā, Thumitra/

daughter of king of Magadha: /PdP /(/Uttarakh./) 6,242.37

Kālidāsa, /Raghuvaṃśa/: Renou 1928: 9.22; Haksar 2016: 9.17

/    Ānanda Rm/: Nagar 2006: 1,1.71

not daughter of king of Magadha:
Abhinanda, /Rāmacarita/: Raghavan 1985: 60-61; 2017: 84-85

daughter of Sumitra, virtuous king of island of Siṃhala, who offers her 
to Daśaratha

Assamese, Mādhavadeva: Nagar 2000: I, 18

Hopefully this is some help with your query.

Best wishes


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On 18/02/2024 13:41, Csaba Dezso via INDOLOGY wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> It seems to be common knowledge when one does a search on the internet that Sumitrā, the wife of Daśaratha, was the daugther of the king of Kāśī / Magadha. However, I cannot find this information in Vālmīki’s Rāmāyaṇa (of course I might well have overlooked something). Do you perhaps know a textual source for this?
> Ānandarāmāyaṇa Sārakāṇḍa 1:70 says this, but perhaps there is an earlier source?
> And of course there is Raghuvaṃśa 9:17: magadhakosalakekayaśāsināṃ duhitaro, where, curiously, Vallabhadeva reads malaya- instead of magadha-.
> Many thanks for your help,
> Csaba
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