[INDOLOGY] I.K. Sharma, "Jaina art and architecture in Andhra" and the Rishabh Saurabh Souvenir

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Does anyone have access to the Rishabh Saurabh Souvenir cataloged at https://search.worldcat.org/fr/title/781903546? If so, would it be possible to confirm that this is the same as the volume referred to on this webpage https://www.jainsamaj.org/content.php?url=Jaina_Art_And_Architecture_In? Does the Risabh Saurabh souvenir contain I.K. Sharma's article? In which volume and on which pages?


Arlo Griffiths

Rishabh saurabh souvenir : Jain heritage of Karnataka | WorldCat.org<https://search.worldcat.org/fr/title/781903546>
Rishabh saurabh souvenir : Jain heritage of Karnataka | WorldCat.org

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