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Dear Colleagues, 
	I would like to announce the publication of my revised edition of the Rāmopākhyāna: the story of Rāma in the Mahābhārata in three formats.  Two of these formats are meant for Sanskrit students.  These two formats contain all the information that was present in the first edition published by Routledge in 2002.  This information included the original verse, its Roman transliteration, sandhi analysis, inflectional identification, a complete glossary of all the vocabulary in the verse, Sanskrit prose paraphrases, notes, and an English translation.  One edition presents Sanskrit text in the glossary, notes, and elsewhere embedded in English sentences in Roman as in the first edition.  The other, which may be preferred especially by students in most of India, sets all Sanskrit in Devanāgarī.  These editions come in two hardback volumes, the first containing the introduction and appendices (glossary of names, and gealogy graphs), and the second the text and analysis.
	Finally, in a third format, I present the English translation with the general introduction and the appendices in paperback for students of Indian literature and for general readers.
	Please find further description, tables of contents, and links to the publication under Publications at The Sanskrit Library website at the following link:


	Or find them directly in the bookstore at Lulu.com at the following link:


	Lulu is offering a 15% discount, by entering the discount code HISTORY15 at checkout, now through 9 February 2024.

Peter Scharf
scharfpm7 at gmail.com

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