[INDOLOGY] Online Certificate course on the Textual Analysis of the Uṇādisūtra-s

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Mon Feb 5 03:14:21 UTC 2024

Dear list,
I am forwarding an email regarding a workshop on behalf of my colleague at
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. Please get in touch with Dr. Rajeswara Rao
(contact details given below and also copied here) if you have any


*Esteemed Scholars,*
Greetings from Department of Amrita Darshanam, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,
Chennai. As you know, with the blessings of MATA Amritanandamayī Devi, our
institution is committed to the spread of IKS and for the promotion
of Saṃskṛtam. Now, we are offering *an 'Online Certificate course on the
Textual Analysis of the Uṇādisūtra-s.' Full details are as follows:*

*Course Outcomes:1. Students will be able to understand the implementation
of the Aṣṭādhyāyī easily.2. Students will be able to easily identify the
prakṛti-s, pratyaya-s, ādeśa-s, āgama-s, etc., of various well-known and
lesser nouns in the Saṃskṛta language.3. Students will be able to easily
understand the traditional style of prakriyā explained in the
Siddhāntakaumudī, Rūpāvatāra, Prakriyāsārvasva, etc.*

*What is Uṇādi:*The Saṃskṛtam is one of the most ancient languages of the
land. The language is very famous for its etymological structures. The
tradition of etymology in Saṃskṛta reflects a profound interest in
understanding the structure, origins, and meanings of words, serving as a
testament to the linguistic sophistication and intellectual heritage of
ancient Indian civilization. The domains of Vyākaraṇa and Nirukta explain
the process of the etymological structures. This helped the language to
sustain for many years till the date.

The science of etymology is a base for many śāstra-s. Interestingly, one
pada can be analysed etymologically in many ways. In this etymological
analysis, Pāṇinīya-Vyākaraṇa plays a vital role. The tradition has retained
other texts related to the same domain of etymology. Some of them are even
more ancient than Pāṇini. The Uṇādisūtra is also such a text authored by
Śākaṭāyana. These sūtras provide guidelines for understanding how certain
prefixes and affixes function in the Saṃskṛta, particularly in relation to
the roots of words. They form an essential part of Saṃskṛta grammar, aiding
in the systematic analysis and interpretation of Saṃskṛta texts. The
Uṇādisūtra -s are studied along with other foundational texts, such as
Pāṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of
Saṃskṛta linguistic principles and structures.

The text analyzes the prakṛti-pratyaya structure of several nouns. Needless
to say, a study of the Aṣṭādhyāyī and Uṇādi-sūtra-s are complementary to
each other. The author of the Siddhāntakaumudī- Bhattoji Dīkṣita also
dedicates an entire segment to the Uṇādi-sūtra-s in the aforesaid text. The
knowledge of etymology benefits the students of Saṃskṛta as it enhances
their understanding of the language and develops linguistic analysis skills
for a profound understanding of traditional texts.

*Duration: 19-2-24 to 19-6-24.Timings: 08:30 PM to 09:30 PMSessions: 60
sessions, three per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)*

*Eligibility:*• Proficiency in Saṃskṛta (equivalent to
graduation/BA/Shastri level)
• Basic command over the Aṣṭādhyāyī
• Keen interest in learning

*Medium: SaṃskṛtamFees: INR 3000 (for participants residing in India)$100
(for participants residing outside India)*

*Last date for applying: February 15, 2024Commencement of the classes:
February 19, 2024*
Please note: The eligible participants will be informed about the payment
link after screening the applications received.

Click on the link to apply https://forms.office.com/r/3h1FPGJq9C
or Scan the QR code in the flyer

*A certificate will be awarded after submitting all assignments and the
course-end exam.*
75% of attendance is mandatory.

Kindly find the attached flyer and spread this information in your circle.
Interested people may join.
Thanking you in advance.

With best regards
Dr. B Rajeswara Rao
Assistant Professor, Amrita Darshanam,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Chennai 601076
rajeswarbhandaru at gmail.com

*Dr. Manish Rajan Walvekar*
*Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) and Centre Coordinator*
*Amrita Darshanam International Centre for Spiritual Studies*
*Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham*

|| तस्मै पाणिनये नमः ||
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