[INDOLOGY] Looking for articles on Vācaspati Miśra

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Dear colleagues,
I cannot find this article on Vācaspati Miśra's Nyāyakaṇikā:Jeson Woo, "Yogipratyaksain Vacaspati Misra's Nyayakanika",Expanding and Merging Horizons. Contributions to South Asian and Cross-CulturalStudies in Commemoration of Wilhelm Halbfass. Edited Karin Preisendanz. Wien2007 (EMH) 347-356

I would be grateful to whoever has the article and can share it with me. I'm also looking for the following articles:Jeson Woo, "Vacaspati Misra and Jnanasrimitra on theobject of yogipratyaksa”, RLBPA (not sure which title is abbreviated here) 469-476
Ramaprasad Bhattacharya, "Vacaspati, the follower ofMandana", Charudeva Sastri Felicitation Volume. Volume I. Delhi 1974 [PK2.Z5 S53 2 vols]. (CDSFV), 344-347
Naresh Chanda Jha, "Misconceptions about some of thescholars of Mithila", Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute(Allahabad) (JGJRI) 31, 1975, 259-264

Thank you in advance and best wishes to all,Dimitry
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