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Wed Apr 17 23:32:22 UTC 2024

Dear Peter et al,

The Pancanga web-based tool developed by Yano and Fushimi in 2014 is still operational: http://www.cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp/~yanom/pancanga/

You may also find useful the “HIndu Calendar Conversion” tool by Gislen and Eade (though I have not tried this one very much!): https://hic.efeo.fr

With all best wishes,

Adheesh Sathaye
University of British Columbia

> On Apr 17, 2024, at 11:35, Peter Flugel via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info> wrote:
> Can anyone recommend freeware for the automatic conversion of Indic calendar dates to the Gregorian and vice versa?
> The following applications only cater for VS dates:
> https://nanakshahi.net/convert/ <https://nanakshahi.net/convert/>  (Free)
> http://www.harysdalvi.com/calcalc <http://www.harysdalvi.com/calcalc> (Free)
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