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The Padacandrikā is one of the four commentaries on the Daśakumāracarita published in the Nirnaya Sagar Press edition(s) of the latter — here the 1940 one:

Note that, on the "boy" side, as already mentioned by Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo (Viaggio alle Indie orientali, umiliato alla santità di n. s. papa Pio Sesto, pontefice massimo, Roma: A. Fulgoni, 1796, p. 195 - cf. the French, German and English<http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015035588519> versions of the same), according to F. Fawcett, "Notes on some of the people of Malabar", Madras Government Museum Bulletin 3/1, 1900, p. 79:
 “Nambútiri boys play a game called pantukali with a football made of coir. On each side there is a hole, and the game consists in trying to put the ball in the hole of the opposite side.”
K. P. Padmanabha Menon, History of Kerala, Ernakulam: Government Press, t. 3, 1933, p. 122, confirms:
"Boys generally have a game called Paṇṭukaḷi with a foot ball made of coir or pack thread. This game will be found described elsewhere."
The game is described in details by the same in the vol. 4 (1937, pp. 300-301, cf. p. 378 and 387 n° 26), under the name Thalapandu = mal. talama-p-pantu ̆ , played during the Onam festival (the description follows the one of A. R. Raja Raja Varma published in the vol. 5 of the  Malabar Quarterly Review, not seen).

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This link seems to be a Japanese one . Since you are in Japan now, you may  be able to access


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Dear Friends,

This is in relation to Daṇḍin's Dasakumāracarita and the monthly ritual of kanduka-krīḍita that the princess, Kandukavatī, performed for Vindhyavāsinī during kṛttikā.

Raghavan (1960, 149) has briefly mentioned a:

'commentary Padacandrikā quotes a treatise called Kanduka-tantra on the art of playing with ball.'

Raghavan, V., ed. 1960. Nṛttaratnavali of Jāya Senāpati. Madras: Government Oriental Manuscripts Library.

I would be most grateful for any information about how to locate and access these two texts.

Thank you.

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bodhapūrvam calema ;-)


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