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Dear Harry,

In Indian astronomical and mathematical works, a dot over a numeral means
that this numeral is considered as negative.


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Le mar. 2 avr. 2024 à 02:33, Harry Spier via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear list members,
> I've attached a pdf of folio 6a of śrīvidyānityapaddhatiḥ by Sahib Kaul.
> On In that folio there are multiple occurrences of what looks to me like
> the numeral four with a dot over top.
> Can anyone tell me what these are, some kind of repetition symbol?
> The entire manuscript can be downloaded from archive.org at:
> https://archive.org/download/ShriVidyaNityaPaddhatiOfSahibKaulAlm27Shlf260531673KDevanagariTantra/Shri%20Vidya%20Nitya%20Paddhati%20of%20Sahib%20Kaul_Alm_27_shlf_2_6053_1673_K_Devanagari%20-%20Tantra.pdf
> Harry Spier
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