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Dear all,

hm, which similarities exactly?

Concerning grammar, there is the old, but still impressive for showing 
the parallelisms
     A. V. Williams Jackson: An Avesta grammar, in comparison with 
Sanskrit. Part I. Phonology, inflection, word-formation. Stuttgart 1892

Concerning metrics, I've ventured to discuss similarities and 
differences in the first chapter of
     Metrik und metrische Techniken im Rgveda: Streckformen in 
Trimeter-Versen. Graz 1998
(https://titus.uni-frankfurt.de/personal/agnes/dipl.htm), which will be 
reprinted in the nearer future (and I could send the 1st chapter if 
someone is interested).

Concerning the ritual, I have an article by Michael Witzel in mind which 
discussed the parallel elements in Avestan and Vedic texts, but 
unfortunately I can't remember the title now.

Perhaps other list members can help.

Best wishes,

Le 05.10.2023 à 06:41, Patricia SAUTHOFF a écrit :
> Dear Friends,
> A friend who is not on the list is seeking a good book or two that discusses the similarities between the Avesta and Rig Veda.
> Might any of you have suggestions? Many thanks.
> Patricia Sauthoff
> 司徒 雛菊
> Assistant Professor
> Department of History
> Hong Kong Baptist University
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