[INDOLOGY] Kriya-sangraha: A Sanskrit Manuscript from Nepal

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Dear David,

You probably know Ryugen Tanemura, Kuladatta’s Kriyasaṃgrahapañjikā: A critical edition and annotated translation of selected sections (Groningen 2004), where you find on pp. 99ff. much information on Kriyāsaṃgraha  manuscripts though the book is focusing on the commentary.

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Sharada Rani reproduced this manuscript in 1977, as vol. 236 of the Sata-Pitaka Series. Despite trying several times over the years, I have never been able to find and obtain a copy, nor have I been able to find a digital copy in recent years. Does anyone have one? I have often wanted to consult it, and especially would like to now. Thanks.

Best regards,

David Reigle
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