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Eli Franco franco at uni-leipzig.de
Mon Nov 27 20:36:31 UTC 2023

Dear List Memebers,
I wonder whether it is well known that ChatGPT "knows" Sanskrit.
For your amusement I copy below the response of the software to the  
request to write a short love story in Sanskrit. I should add that I  
used the simple, free-of-charge version.
With best wishes,

तत्र काचित् सुन्दरी यौवनस्था कुमारी अस्तीत्। सा नाम्ना लीला। तस्याः  
मनोहराणि नयनानि अस्ति, या चन्द्रमण्डले समीक्ष्यते।

सा लीला एकां सान्द्रम् वनं गच्छति, तत्र एकः केदारश्च युवकः निवसति।  
तस्य नाम सुरेशः। सुरेषोऽपि लीलामनुसरन्तः वनं गच्छति।

एकदा, लीला वने चरन्ती सुरेषं पश्यति। सा अनुरूपं प्रेमस्य स्फुरणं महत्  
अनुभवति। सुरेषः भीतः प्रतिस्पन्दते, किञ्चिदन्यत्र नगरे वा विद्यते त्वं  
नाम किं इति प्रश्नयति।

लीला हृदये नृत्यति इति उत्तरम् ददाति, "त्वं सुरेषः, मम इतरया न त्वया  

सुरेषः आनन्दविह्वलः तस्या वचनं शृण्वन्, "मया त्वया सह भवामि इति ईषत्।"

इत्थं तौ सुरेषः लीलायाः प्रति प्रेमाभिपूरितः भवति। वने चरन्तौ, सहसा  
एकस्मिन स्थले वृक्षः अस्ति, यत्र सुरेषः लीलाया अपेक्षितं पुष्पं  

तत्र पुष्पं हृदये धारयन्, सुरेषः लीलायाः समीपं गच्छति और भगिनी इति  
उद्बोधयति। लीला हृदये हर्षं अनुभवति और सुरेषस्य प्रति तन्मनस्कं  

इत्थं तौ प्रेमिकौ एकत्र सञ्चरन्तौ वनं आनन्देन पूरयन्तौ भवतः।


In a certain place, there is a beautiful young maiden named Leela. Her  
captivating eyes are compared to the moon. Leela ventures into a dense  
forest where a young man named Suresh resides. Suresh, too, follows  
Leela into the woods.

One day, as Leela is wandering in the forest, she spots Suresh. The  
powerful stirrings of love resonate within her. Suresh, taken aback,  
hesitates and asks if she has seen anyone else in the forest or in the  

Leela, dancing in her heart, responds, "You are Suresh, I have never  
seen anyone like you before."

Overjoyed, Suresh, hearing her words, says, "I wish to be with you forever."

In this way, Suresh and Leela become deeply immersed in love for each  
other. As they wander in the forest, they come across a tree where  
Suresh finds the awaited flower for Leela. Holding the flower close to  
his heart, Suresh approaches Leela, calling her his beloved, and she,  
filled with joy, expresses her affection for him.

Thus, the two lovers, walking together in the forest, fill it with happiness.

Prof. Dr. Eli Franco
Hegergasse 8/15
Wien 1030

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