[INDOLOGY] Is Vr̥tra a brahmin?

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In MBh 12, 273 Indra kills Vr̥tra. From the latter's body a demoness Brahmahatyā emerges which clinges to Indra. Hopkins, Epic Mythology, p. 129 writes: "As Vr̥tra is of Brahmanic family, his slaughter is regarded as 'priest murder'". On p. 131 he writes that this is Indra's second Brahman-cide, as earlier he had killed Triśiras, another son of Tvaṣṭr̥ (traiśīrṣā brahmahatyā). So I assume that Vr̥tra's brahminhood goes back to his father Tvaṣṭr̥. I have no idea, however, where to look for information on Tvaṣṭr̥'s and Vr̥tra's brahminhood, other than the brahmahatyā passages mentioned above.

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