[INDOLOGY] 7 sāmans

Dominic Goodall dominic.goodall at efeo.net
Thu Nov 16 14:11:28 UTC 2023

Dear members of the list,

We are writing a note about Raghuvaṃśa 10.23 in which there is talk of seven sāmans, Some commentators identify these as Rathantara, Bṛhad, Vāmadevya, Vairūpya, Pāvamāna, Vairāja and Cāndramasa (reputedly the seven that gave rise to elephants). Vallabhadeva, however, identifies them as the Viṣṇusaṃhitā. According to a few scanned pages of an unidentified publication that has been posted on Animesh Nagar's blog here: https://animeshnagarblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/samaveda-rudram/,
there is a collection of Sāmans known as the Viṣṇusaṃhitā.  But we cannot identify the book. Might any of you know what the book is, or have a reference to another book that speaks about the Viṣṇusaṃhitā in the Sāmaveda, or have any other ideas about the seven Sāmans?

Dominic Goodall, Csaba Dezső, Harunaga Isaacson

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