[INDOLOGY] JGBT Year 5 Buddha Triad

Mark Allon mark.allon at sydney.edu.au
Wed Nov 15 20:26:16 UTC 2023

Dear list members,

The latest article in the Journal of Gandhāran Buddhist Texts is focussed on a celebrated inscribed stele, the Year 5 Buddha Triad<https://platform.readworkbench.org/ira/view/52863587-155d-424f-b571-863a687a5894?fullscreen=1>. This release combines specialist scholarship in an ‘aggregate’ that includes an annotated image, a 3D model, an image article, and an inscription edition (try the hamburger menu in the top right or the next and previous arrows).  This aggregate approach (intended to support wide engagement with these objects of artistic, historical, and cultural value) is exploratory and we invite feedback on any aspect from interface design to digital architecture and repatriation strategy.
Mark Allon, Ian McCrabb, Mike Skinner
Journal of Gandhāran Buddhist Texts<https://gandhari-texts.sydney.edu.au/journal/> is a peer-reviewed digital journal.

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