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Jeffery Long dharmaprof108 at yahoo.com
Mon May 29 22:48:25 UTC 2023

Dear Friends,

I am forwarding this message on behalf of a colleague at the University of Cambridge:
Dear all, 

We are excited to announce that the 13th International Indology Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS 13) will be held at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, from September 29-30, 2023. 

We invite abstract submissions for a presentation of 20 minutes. If you would like to give a presentation, please submit the relevant details via this link by Friday 7th July, 2023: https://forms.gle/eSgJvRqAzTZSZPhk8 <https://forms.gle/eSgJvRqAzTZSZPhk8>. Please consider applying if you are a graduate student or early-career researcher – this is a brilliant forum to share your work with peers.

Please see the attached CfP or the website (https://iigrs.wordpress.com/ <https://iigrs.wordpress.com/>) for more information. We hope to hear from you

Dr. Jeffery D. Long
Carl W. Zeigler Professor of Religion, Philosophy, & Asian Studies
School of Arts & Humanities
Elizabethtown College
Elizabethtown, PA
Series Editor, Explorations in Indic Traditions: Ethical, Philosophical, and Theological
Lexington Books
“One who makes a habit of prayer and meditation will easily overcome all difficulties and remain calm and unruffled in the midst of the trials of life.”  (Holy Mother Sarada Devi)
“We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” (Carl Sagan)

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