[INDOLOGY] No. 9 of the series Realia in Old Tamil Poetry.

Tieken, H.J.H. (Herman) H.J.H.Tieken at hum.leidenuniv.nl
Sun May 14 11:52:37 UTC 2023

Dear List members,

For those of you interested in Old Tamil poetry, a pdf of “The Fifteen Meanings of pāṇṭil” is now available on my website (Hermantieken.com) under the heading of “Articles”. It is no. 9 of the mini series “Realia in Old Tamil Poetry”:

"The Fifteen Meanings of Tamil pāṇṭil" (May 2023)

"Red-brick Town Walls in Caṅkam Poetry" (April 2022)

"Rendering the Lower-mid Front Vowel /ǣ/ in Old and Middle Tamil" (January 2022)

"Ground Snakes and Chameleons in their Summer Garbs" (December 2021)

"A Songster's Hairdo, a Waistcloth, and a Pregnant Lizard" (October 2021)

"Ādiśeṣa and the Anchor Rope" (August 2012)

"Mud in the Mouth: Akanāṉūṟu 101" (June 2021)

"Of Bees, Dragonflies and Drones" (June 2021)

"Murukaṉ in the molucca beans" (June 2021)

With kind regards,


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website: hermantieken.com<http://hermantieken.com/>

The Aśoka Inscriptions: Analysing a corpus, New Delhi: Primus Books, 2023.

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