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I should perhaps have said that I am very fortunate in that Leiden
University is a designated repository for the Humanities (unlike other
universities in the Netherlands, which must be content with electronic
resources), and thus (in principle, at least) we hold paper copies of
things like JA, so when I need to read something, I can go to the library.
So the Société's service is not necessary here, but as a broader question:
why post scans online if they are illegible?


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> Dear Professor Silk,
> Apropos the Journal Asiatique, I've had great success contacting the
> Société directly to provide high quality scans of articles. The contact
> email I have used on file (contact at societe-asiatique.fr
> <contact at societe-asiatique.fr>) has worked well.
> With regard to the pre-1991 WZKS volumes, I believe that it's likely the
> case legally that unless copyright was specifically assigned to the authors
> then it would be presumed to reside with the publishers up to 60 years
> after the death of the author. The question is, would the publishers (or
> their legal successors) enforce copyright if scans of the out of print
> volumes appeared in the public space?
> Regardless, it's wonderful to know that most of the old volumes are still
> available from the STB at the UW at such affordable prices! Thank you very
> much Prof Preisendanz!!!
> Kind regards,
> Antonio
> Prof. dr. J.A. Silk
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