[INDOLOGY] Old 1990s Surekh CDAC pre-Unicode fonts / transcoding of CDAC pre-Unicode text to Unicode

Martin Gluckman m.gluckman at alumni.anu.edu.au
Mon Jul 24 22:07:35 UTC 2023

Dear Friends,

I am looking for 3 old pre-Unicode fonts that were made by CDAC in the 1990s:

SD-TTSurekh-Normal (there are a few versions of this circulating on the web but none seem to work as expected)
SD1-TTSurekhBold, Italic

In case anyone has these fonts please could you share or point me towards them.

Secondarily if anyone has a transcoding table for the CDAC Devanagari and IAST fonts to Unicode this would be most useful.

With kindest wishes,

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