[INDOLOGY] Bechert's A Metric varṇaka, 1991

Aleix Ruiz Falqués arfalques at cantab.net
Tue Jul 18 16:15:33 UTC 2023

Dear list,

I am looking for the following article:

Bechert, Heinz. 1991. "A Metric 'varṇaka' in the Pāli Scriptures." In The
Editorial Committee of the Felicitation Volume of Professor Dr. Egaku
Mayeda, eds., *Studies in Buddhism and Culture in Honour of Professor E.
Mayeda on his 65th Birthday*, pp. 23-30. Tokyo: Sankibo Busshorin.

I will be very grateful if anyone could provide a soft copy.

With best wishes,

Aleix Ruiz-Falqués
Khyentse Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Pali Lecturer & Head of the Department of Pali and Languages
Shan State Buddhist University
Phaya Phyu, Taunggyi, Myanmar 140101
(+95) 09428757648
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