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Dear Howard

I don't think any of the following discuss the Euthyphro dilemma
specifically, but they all analyze 'the ethics of the Gītā' using either
the framework of the consequentialism / deontology / virtue ethics
trichotomy or the categories of western axiology.

Perrett, Roy W. 1998. *Hindu Ethics: A Philosophical Study. * The Gīta's
ethics are discussed in all 4 chapters, but especially the first 3.

Perrett, Roy W. 2005. 'Hindu Ethics?' In *The Blackwell Companion to
Religious Ethics.* Edited by William Schweiker. Oxford: Blackwell
Publishing, pp. 323–29.

Sreekumar, Sandeep. 2012. 'An Analysis of Consequentialism and Deontology
in the Normative Ethics of the Bhagavadgītā.' *Journal of Indian Philosophy*
40: 277–315.

Frazier Jessica. 2021. 'Ethics in Classical Hindu Philosophy: Provinces of
Consequence, Agency, and Value in the Bhagavad Gītā and Other Epic and
Śāstric Texts.' *Religions* 12(11), 1029;

See also:
Roy Perrett & Glen Pettigrove. 2015. 'Hindu Virtue Ethics.' In Michael
Slote & Lorraine Besser-Jones (eds.), *The Routledge Companion to Virtue
Ethic*s. New York: Routledge. pp. 51-62.


On Sun, Jul 9, 2023 at 10:55 AM Howard Resnick <hr at ivs.edu> wrote:

> Dear Scholars,
> I would appreciate references to articles or books, available digitally,
> that analyze the Gita’s moral philosophy, especially but not exclusively
> from the standpoint of Western moral philosophy. More specifically, I wish
> to explore what for me is the dubious claim that the Euthyphro dilemma
> necessarily problematizes divine command theories of moral realism.
> Sorry if this is a rather abstruse request.
> Best wishes,
> Howard
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Alex Watson
Professor of Indian Philosophy
Ashoka University
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